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The Friday Blog Round-Up 4/15/11

15th April 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 4/15/11

First up today, simply because it’s so very cool,  Urban Threads got a brand spankin new blog.   It’s called Stitch Punk and it’s seriously awesome.   I’ve been a fan of Urban Threads for a long time,  and it’s great to see them expand into this new blog.   If you’re interested in unique embroidery designs,  and in the craft of embroidery and decorating,  this blog is a must visit.

Second on the agenda this week,  because who doesn’t like the shiny, we have a tip from the Stahl’s ID Blog about decorating with foil.  Apparently they also have a webinar about printing with foil.    I think the number of things that can be done to add sizzle  to an item,  from embroidering with  metallic thread to decorating with foil are awesome and it’s great to see decorators take these items and put their own spin on adding some shine and sparkle to a design.

Third on the list is a question from the NNEP blog,  where should NNEP 2012 be?  For the past couple years,  since EnMart has been exhibiting anyway, it’s been in Dublin, Ohio,  but it appears the show is moving for 2012.  Apparently, the choices are Little Rock, AR,  Fayetteville, AR and St Charles, MO.    Personally, I’d vote for having the show here in Northern Michigan,  but I don’t see that happening.  Anyway,  if you have an opinion on where this show should be,  let the folks at the NNEP know.

Fourth on the docket,  the ASI is looking for speakers to present at their trade shows and educational conferences.   They’ve had some pretty dynamic speakers in the past, and are currently looking for people who can give interesting and informative presentations on sales, marketing and business related topics.    If you’re interested in helping to educate the advertising specialty industry,   give some thought to applying to be a speaker.   It could be a great way to advance your career and build buzz in the marketplace.

Finally, I wanted to end this post with a couple of requests.   The first is about a post I did on this blog earlier in the week.   In that post I outlined a few ideas that we’re kicking around,  including perhaps working with our industry partners to develop a trade show.  I’d love some feed back on those ideas.     We also have a question on our Facebook page about what factors can impact whether or not people attend a show, and I’d love some feedback there too.

The second request has to do with this blog’s blogroll and these Friday Round-Up posts.   I know the blogroll needs updating, and I’d like to add some great new stuff to it.   If you have a blog,  or have suggestions for blogs I should add,  please let me know.  I can’t promise I’ll add everything,  but I can promise I’ll at least take a look at all your suggestions.


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