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The Friday Blog Round-Up 3/9/12

9th March 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 3/9/12

First up is a terrific post from Urban Threads about how to photograph your embroidery.   Getting good product photographs can be a very tough thing to do,  so any tips about how to do it better are very useful.   Urban Threads has provided a great list of tips that will help you create photos that will sell your work.  Even if you’re just posting a photo to share your work with others,  a quality photo will help show off the quality of the embroidery you created.

Second at bat is a post from Erich Campbell about calls to action.   A call to action is probably the most important part of anything, a brochure or a web site for instance,  that is trying to sell a product or service,  but it’s often the thing that people forget.   Erich points out some ways to use calls to action to help increase your sales and satisfy your customers.

Third on the list this week is a cancer dedication bracelet from Sadia Sews.   Cancer is a rotten disease and a lot of people are working to raise funds to help further research or to help those who are battling cancer.    Sadia has created her bracelets as yet another way to raise awareness and funds.  You can download the directions for making the bracelet and she is fine with people making and selling the awareness bracelets to raise funds.

Fourth on the docket is a post from Seth Godin about why we lie to salespeople and marketers instead of telling the truth.    He makes a good point that many salespeople or marketers will imply that you’re stupid or disregard your reasoning if you go with something other than what they’re suggesting.  Seth suggests, instead,  that the job of a salesperson or marketer is to figure out what the buyer believes or thinks that is leading them to the decision they’re making, and then to help them understand what you, as the salesperson or marketer already knows.   It’s a different way of looking at things,  but I think it’s a good one.

Fifth in the spotlight this week is a post about why geeks are sexy.  As a card carrying geek and a person who went my own way in high school,  I totally understand what this post says.   Being different does have a price,  but it also teaches you skills that can benefit you as a business owner.    I like the way this post sees the positive side of being different and shows the value that lies within following your own path.  Plus,  she’s right, a brilliant mind and an independent spirit can be dead sexy.

And finally, because as usual this post made me laugh like a goon and is proof that famous people, like the rest of us, sometimes do random stuff just because it’s fun,  we have this post from The Bloggess.   Seriously,  this is just random and funny and also an example of the power of a blog,  Twitter and some followers.


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