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The Friday Blog Round-Up 2/24/12

24th February 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 2/24/12

First up this week is a great post from Kathleen Fasanella from Fashion Incubator which deals in a common sense way with the fact that whichever choice you make,  working for someone else or working for yourself,  there will be a downside.   The way to decide which option is better for you is to be realistic about which downside suits you better.    I like these kind of posts because I think a lot of people think going out on their own will solve all their problems.  It can solve a lot of them, but it also brings new problems to the table.  The only way to be successful is to be realistic about the challenges of whatever choice you make.

Second on deck is a post from the Stahl’s ID Blog.  This post is a good reminder that heat presses need maintenance and check-ups just as people do.   The post offers a few quick maintenance tips that will help keep your heat press in good working order.   Spending a few minutes doing routine maintenance on your press could save you hundreds of dollars by keeping your press running longer,  so it’s a good idea to take the tips in this post to heart.

Third at bat is a post from Erich Campbell about why you should enter your work into contests.   As many of you already know,  the Stitches Golden Needle Awards is looking for entries,  and Erich talks about why entering contests like this one is a good idea.  Contests can help you learn and grow as an embroiderer,  may inspire you to try something new and unique and can give you a gauge for the quality of your work.   Even if you think there’s no chance you’ll win,  entering a contest can still benefit you in a lot of ways.

Fourth on the list this week is a post about Pinterest.   As some of you may already know,  Pinterest has released code that can be added to a website or blog and which will block people from pinning images from the site in which the code is placed.   The question now becomes,  should you block Pinterest on your site or blog.   The post I’m referencing says,  and I agree,  that for the most part the answer to that question should be no.  The value of Pinterest far outweighs, in the majority of cases,  the risk of copyright infringement.

It’s a bit of a short round-up this week,  sorry about that.   I’d say I’ll try to do better next week,  but I’ll be working a trade show next week, so I’m not sure I could keep my word.   I just hope you guys find the Round-Ups valuable,  no matter how long or short they are.


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