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The Friday Blog Round-Up 2/10/12

10th February 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 2/10/12

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First up today we have a post from the National Network of Embroidery Professionals about why attending a trade show is a good idea.   The NNEP is putting on two trade shows this year,  one in Ohio the end of March and one in Nashville in July.   The NNEP shows are always informative, well run and a good time.  EnMart has exhibited at these shows for the past few years and we highly recommend them to exhibitors and attendees alike.

Second on the list we have some tips from Erich Campbell about reducing your number of decorator mistakes.   We’re all only human and mistakes will happen,  but there are some ways to help minimize the number.  I especially like the idea of a digital preview.  Our parent company uses these and they do help avoid mistakes.

Third at bat is another fun idea from Urban Threads.  The Monster Factory allows you to custom create a monster of your very own.   This post shows some of the monsters that the Urban Threads team created.   I think my favorite is the monster with the glasses and the mustache.

Fourth on the docket today is a post from Seth Godin about inaccurate labels and how they cause problems.   He makes the point that a lot of the conflicts between people can be traced back not to the people but to how they interpret the labels placed on the situation.  Labels give us context,  but they can cause problems, and we all need to be aware that not everyone interprets labels the same way.   Looking at conflicts through this lens does make them seem more solveable.

Fifth up is a post with some simple social media tips.   I know social media is still a mystery for some people,  but it’s a mystery that most businesses are going to have to solve.  These tips are indeed basic and simple,  but they can help you lay a good foundation for your company’s social media platform.  I especially like the tip about understanding your objectives.   Knowing why you’re doing something makes it much more likely you’ll do it well.

Finally,  in the just because it’s too fun not to include,  I have the latest from The Bloggess.   In this post,  we cover robo tigers and other weird things,  but it’s funny, so it’s all good.

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