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The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/7/11

7th January 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/7/11

First up today,  Angie from AKDesigns has a embroidery software comparison up on her blog.   If you’re thinking about buying an embroidery software package,  you may want to check out her comparison first.  It could save you some time and money.

Second on the list today, is Kathleen Fasanella, who answers the question “Should You Start a Clothing Line?”  I tend to like Kathleen’s work because she lays it on the line and tells the truth about what it takes to start a line and what the risks are when you do start one.  It’s good advice.

Third up, we have a post that features one of my favorite pet peeves, bad customer service.  This post comes from Michelle Bell of ASI.   Her story about the bank is particularly amusing in a shake your head sort of way.   It’s really sad when a company can’t take the time to serve the people who keep them in business well.

Fourth on deck is a piece on textile price increases from the NNEP blog.   We all know that textile prices have been a bit volatile lately.  Jennifer Cox from the NNEP has included some tips on dealing with the ups and downs of textile prices in this piece.   If you sell decorated garments,  take a minute to see what she has to say.

Finally,  a big woo hoo to Odd Guy Art!  The company is now placing their shirts in retail shops.     They are also looking for more retail venues,  so if you’d like to see Odd Guy Art in your town,  let them know which stores they should approach.

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