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The Friday Blog Round-Up 12/9/11

9th December 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 12/9/11

First up today,  because I want one and because I know a lot of other people are considering giving them as Christmas gifts,  is Bonnie Landsberger’s review of her new Kindle Fire.   I love this review because,  while it includes a lot of stats about the product,  it also includes little details,  like it shuts itself down if you fall asleep,  that people want to know,  but don’t often get from a review.    This is a very thorough description of the product and what it can do,  and it’s only made me more convinced I should probably buy a Kindle Fire.

Second on the list today is Erich Campbell’s list of ways to survive the December rush.  Anyone who sells items that can be gifted,  much less items that must be created when ordered,  knows the panic of the holiday rush.   Erich has provided some great tips on how to handle the rush without losing your sanity.

Third on deck is a post from Tim Andrews of ASI about a radio interview that was done with Randi Zuckerberg.  She talks about how mobile is blooming and how some companies are creating great experiences for users who access their content via a smartphone.  I think the piece of advice that I like best, however, is her advice about social media ” When you’re on social media, be sure to really respond to people and have a conversation – don’t make it a one-way communication.”   You can find a link to the entire interview in Tim’s post.

Fourth at bat is a list from Urban Threads of some great gifts for your crafty friends and family.    If you’re like me and often wait until almost the last minute before doing your Christmas shopping,  gift guides like this can be a great help.

Fifth on the schedule is a post about how the phrase “think outside the box” is really aiming people in the wrong direction.   To think outside the box,  this post posits,  you have to understand the box you’re in.   The trick isn’t to ignore the box,  it’s to understand its limitations and then expand beyond them.  To me,  this makes a lot of sense.

Sixth on the list is a post that made it into the Round-Up because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the line between promoting yourself and over-promoting yourself.   For me,  self promotion has never been that easy,  but as this post reminds us,  when you’re in business, promoting yourself is part of the game.   It’s a good reminder.

Finally, just because this post combines the holidays,  helping people in need and a giant boars head named James Garfield,  we have the Second Annual Christmas and Hanukah Miracle from The Bloggess.    If you want a really good laugh click over and read the post about the First Annual Miracle,  and if you want to help some people,  check out the links to some organizations that could use your help during the holidays.

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