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The Friday Blog Round-Up 12/27/13

27th December 2013

The Friday Blog Round-Up 12/27/13

roundupIt seemed only right to end this year of blogging with a Friday Blog Round-Up.  Sometimes I get tired of the sound of my own voice, and it’s fun to share what other people have to say.

First up is a post from Eileen’s Blog from the Designs in Machine Embroidery website.  This post details how to stitch lettering on fur.  Judging by the number of embroidered Christmas stocking pictures I’ve seen this year,  a lot of people have been doing this sort of thing.   It’s definitely a post to bookmark and pull out for next year.

Second on the docket is a discussion of the skills every retail team member must have.   These skills also apply to those working your checkout station at a trade show,  or really anyone who deals with customers.  A lot of these skills also apply if you’re doing customer service over the phone.  I especially like the advice about not getting flustered when you have multiple people needing assistance.   That’s a tough one,  but if you can stay calm,  your customers will be calmer too.

Third on the list  is a post I really like,  probably because it dispenses some tough love.   When you’re a creative,  however you choose to express that,   the road to success can be winding and there can be a lot of obstacles.   John Morgan’s post points out some self created obstacles to avoid if you want to be successful.   I definitely agree with what he says,  particularly the advice about negative environment.  Nothing can sap your creativity and ambition faster than people who tell you that you can’t do something and why you’ll never succeed.

Fourth at bat is the best discussion I’ve seen so far about Facebook’s new algorithm and what it will mean to company pages and marketers.   There’s been a lot of ranting lately about the changes Facebook has made and how it hurts company pages but,  as this post points out,  Facebook wasn’t conceived as an advertising venue,  it was conceived as a way to connect with friends.  Facebook is doing what they need to do to keep their core users happy and that makes sense.

Finally,  if you have plans to up your game and your profits in 2014,  you need to read this post from Peter Shankman.   Personal power is becoming more an more important in today’s world,  since we all have a platform now and we all can influence others.    This is another post I really like, and I’m going to start practicing some of these techniques in my own life.  I thought it might interest some of the rest of you as well.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and truly amazing 2014!


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