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The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/20/12

20th January 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 1/20/12

First up,  we have a post from the Retail Minded blog.   It deals with topics that should be covered at employee meetings.   While the slant is toward retail,  the message I took away from this post really applies to any business,  you need to be prepared.   Getting all your employees together on a regular basis  to go over procedures and processes is one good way to do that.

Second on the list today,  I have to thank Urban Threads for pointing out that Vogue Patterns has a  great list of questions to ask before buying an embroidery machine.   We at EnMart are often asked what machine people should buy, and the answer depends on a lot of factors.  If you’re thinking of buying a machine,  it might be worth purchasing a copy of this issue online.

Third on the docket today is a very important post from Peter Shankman.   I’m always very aware of my surroundings, and I’m very sensitive to changes in atmosphere or potential danger,  but many people are not that aware.   Peter’s post lists ways you can keep yourself safe and points out some common sense things you can do to reduce your risk.    Keeping yourself safe is your responsibility, so please read this post and take it to heart.

Fourth at bat is a post from John Morgan about under promising and over delivering.   He maintains there is an issue with this philosophy which is the fact that under promising is pretty weak.   His theory is that you should over promise and then deliver on what you promised and then some.   If you promise someone something awesome and then you deliver the awesome and more,  you’ve created a business that people will talk about and support.

Fifth in line is a post about taking back your attention and why doing so will improve your online and social media experiences.   This post reminds us that we only have a finite amount of attention to give and that we ultimately control our online experience.  If you’re mindful about who you’re paying attention to and why,  you experience will be more valuable and better.   This post also makes a good point about the value of quietly removing your attention.   If enough people just quietly decide to stop paying attention to the annoying or the meaningless,  that annoying or meaningless person or thing has a much smaller megaphone.   It’s a good point and a good post.

Finally, last up today we have a post from The Bloggess.  This one isn’t particularly meaningful,  it just made me laugh like a goon.   I’m hoping it will add a little laughter to your day too.

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