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The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/9/12

9th November 2012

The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/9/12

Wow,  I’ve been kind of a slow blog updater lately, haven’t I?  Sorry about that.  I am going to try and get my posting schedule back in gear.  First, however,  we’ll have a post where I mostly link to what other people have written.  Hey,  this is good content I’m spotlighting, and you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

First on the list today we have a post from Joyce Jagger.  Marketing can be tough for any small business owner,  so Joyce helps out with some tips on creating a basic marketing piece.    I especially like her advice about creating a solid description of who you are and what you do and making that the core of all the marketing you do.   Sending out the same message time after time helps that message stick with those who hear it.   There’s a lot of good advice in this post,  so I hope those who have marketing questions will take some time to read it.

Second at bat is a post from Stahl’s about the history of campaign t-shirts.    The t-shirt for Nixon would definitely get you noticed!  I think it’s interesting that campaign t-shirts have been around for longer than people might think.    It’s crazy to think of all the bumper stickers, campaign buttons and t-shirts that were made for political races in years past.    It’s also crazy to think how much some of those shirts would be worth now.  In any case,  this post is a fun little trip into a bit of political campaign history.

Third on the docket we have a great post from Retail Minded about setting your business’ holiday return policy.   Hopefully holiday sales will be big for everyone,  but with larger sales figures you also have a greater chance of having things returned.   This post gives a very comprehensive outline of things you should consider when formulating your return policy,  and also when you’re enforcing it and communicating it to your customers.   Reading this post could save you a lot of holiday return grief this year.

Fourth in the line up today is some amazing work by an artist named Cayce Zavaglia.  I first saw her work courtesy of a post on the Urban Threads blog,  and her stuff is stunning.  She does hand embroidered portraits which are amazingly realistic.   There is also a video about the artist and her process, which is quite fascinating,  included in the post.  I can’t imagine the time and painstaking work it must take to create something like this.   I am constantly amazed by what people can do with thread and needles.

The fifth post today is from John Morgan.   This post deals with 12 reasons why entrepreneurs fail.   Now, no one likes to think about failure,  and certainly no one wants to think their business will fail,   but we all know that the reality is that businesses do fail.   John’s post outlines some of the reasons that a business could fail and gives you some tips on how to avoid those traps with your business.

Finally, to wrap up today’s post,  we have a post from Redhead Writing  about how your brand should reflect your personality.  Too often people try to fit themselves into molds because they think that’s how business “should” be,  or how a business owner “should” act.   The reality is that the most successful businesses tend to take on the personalities of their owners and that’s not a bad thing.  Being true to yourself and making your business a reflection of that will be more comfortable for you and for your customers as well.   It’s an interesting message.

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