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The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/4/11

4th November 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/4/11

First up today we have a post that compares digitizing and baking apple pies.   Bonnie at My Two Stitches  tells us that can be as easy as pie,  if you make sure you have all the ingredients and follow your recipe while being spontaneous enough to recognize that each pie (or design) will be slightly different.   She also recommends keeping a notebook with parameter values as a kind of “technical recipe” book,  which will save you time when you sit down to digitize a design.  If you’re new to digitizing,  or want to learn more about it,  check out this blog.

Second on deck today,  the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP) is asking what you need to succeed.  Anyone who reads this blog even casually probably already knows that EnMart is a supplier member of the NNEP and that I’m a huge fan of the organization.  If you run a machine embroidery business or have anything to do with embroidery,  this is one organization that can be of use to you.

Third on the docket we have an experiment with some new design elements.  Sadia from Sadia Sews took inspiration from a type of tile that is native to Iran,  where her maternal ancestors were from.  The result is some very cool looking designs which can be used to make heirlooms or to create something totally modern and unique.  I love to see from where people get their inspirations for designs,  so this post was very interesting.  Plus,  I think the designs could be used in a lot of fun ways.

Fourth with a squee and a “OMG, how cute is this”  is this embroidered Star Trek Quiet Book.   It’s an activity book for little kids based on Star Trek.   As a lifelong Trekker this made my day.   Hat tip to Urban Threads for originally pointing this out.

Fifth at bat today is a piece of good advice, faking it ’til you make it isn’t the way to go about things.   This post makes the point that successful people aren’t faking anything,  they don’t pretend to have expertise or knowledge or skills they don’t have, instead they work to develop what they need and to integrate new information and new skills on the fly.  The result is someone who is genuine and always evolving.


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