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The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/29/13

29th November 2013

The Friday Blog Round-Up 11/29/13

roundupI hope everyone in the U.S. had a lovely Thanksgiving,  and everyone in other parts of the world had a lovely Thursday.   It seemed like a good idea to finish out the week with a Friday Blog Round-Up,  since I hadn’t done one in a while.

First up we have a post about customer supplied garments.    This subject is a bone of contention and a point of discussion for many who decorate garments for a living.    Some embroiderers flatly will not take work with anything customer supplied.  Others do,  but have a waste policy and make customers sign a waiver regarding damaged garments.   The decision you make on this subject will be unique to your business,  but this post can give you some advice and food for thought while you’re making that decision.

Second on the list was have a post from Erich Campbell about the main reason you’re not starting new projects.  A lot of times people will say it’s because they don’t have the time,  or the space,  or the money, or the materials,  but generally the real reason for hesitation is fear.  We’re all a bit afraid of trying something new,  and certainly many of us are afraid of failure.  This post examines that fear and helps you move past it.    If you want more ideas on how to get around your fear,  you can also listen to this discussion Erich and I had on the 2 Regular Guys podcast.

Third at bat,  we have a great post from Retail Minded on how to capitalize on Small Business Saturday,  which is November 30 this year.  Some of these tips will apply only to brick and mortar shops,  but others can be used for online shops as well.   Remember also,  to practice what you preach when encouraging people to shop small business.  Make sure you support small businesses in your community and online as well.

Fourth on the docket is a post from Sadia’s Blog,  about adding a bit of zen to your embroidery.   I like this idea very much.    The end result is very pretty and it’s a fun technique.   She also gives you design files in the post so you can try the technique yourself.

Fifth in the queue  is a post from Urban Threads.  I’m not a fan of Black Friday sales,  and don’t generally do a lot about them,  but Urban Threads has put their entire store on sale.   Since I’m a fan of their designs and their company,  how could I not share that?  Everything is on sale until Sunday, December 8,  so stock up now!

Since I’ve already mentioned one podcast this week (listen to the 2 Regular Guys podcast every Friday, people,  it’s good!),  I don’t feel weird about recommending a second one as well.    Scott Stratten from UnMarketing recently started doing a weekly podcast.  I have to confess,  I haven’t had the time to listen to many of these yet,  but what I’ve heard is good and definitely helpful.   If you have some time,  check these out.

Last on the list we have a post I just love about how to be married to an entrepreneur.    Many who read this blog have their own business or are working toward taking their art to the next level or doing something that may not involve a normal 9 to 5 and a steady paycheck.  This post is a great read for the spouses,  family and friends of such people.   Lots of good advice!

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