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The Friday Blog Round – Up 11/16/12

16th November 2012

The Friday Blog Round – Up 11/16/12

First up today we have a post from All Things Embroidery about copyrights, and how to handle them.  The rule of thumb is usually this,  if you didn’t create a design,  and you don’t have the rights to use it if someone else created it,  than don’t use it.    A lot of us who write about this industry have covered this subject at one time or another,  but a reminder never hurts.  Copyright is a big issue both for anyone who creates,  whether they’re the original creator,  or the person using the design or post or whatever to create something else.

Second on the list is a post from Erich Campbell advising all of us creative people to cut ourselves some slack!   His recommends that all of us who do creative work remember not to be so hard on ourselves and not to expect perfection right out of the gate.    It is,  he says,  about giving ourselves the space to follow blind alleys and attempt things that don’t work,  trusting that we’ll finally find the right path.  It’s a good reminder for all of us,  certainly for me.   Being creative is tough enough without adding the burden of our own expectations to the mix.

Third at bat is a contest from Urban Threads.    This contest only goes until lunchtime on Monday so you’d better enter fast.   It’s pretty simple,  just select the Urban Threads design pack you’d like to win and pin it to your Pinterest account.  Make sure you use the required hashtag and that you only pin one pack.  Multiple entries with the hashtag will not be counted.  Contest ends at noon central time on Monday.   If you’ve been waiting to buy a specific Urban Threads design pack,  this contest is a great chance to get that pack for free!

Fourth on the docket is the news that Pinterest has created business pages.  I love this and have already converted the EnMart account over to a business page,  but thought some of the rest of you may need instructions to do the same.  Luckily, Hubspot has provided a tutorial on converting your current profile into a business account as well as some information on how to promote your account once you’ve created it.  Pinterest can be a great marketing tool for decoration companies,  so be sure to check this out.

Fifth in the round-up is a post from Chris Reimer from Rizzo Tees.   He has a great sense of humor and I love what he does with the fact that some people will take any current event or common experience and build a blog post around it.  His post, distinctly tongue in cheek,  tells us what proctology exams can teach us about social media and it’s both funny and insightful.  If nothing else,  it spotlights the absurdity pegging a post on the last big thing that happened rather than creating original, thoughtful content.

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