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The Friday Blog Round-Up 10/7/11

7th October 2011

The Friday Blog Round-Up 10/7/11

First up today,  AKDesigns is having a photo contest.  I love to see photos of work that people have created, and apparently AKDesigns does too.  They’re asking customers who have created something using an AKDesigns design to post the photos on the company’s Facebook page.  Winners will be determined by random.org, so everyone has an equal chance to win.   If you embroider using AKDesigns products,  this would be a great opportunity to win a 6 pack Font Bundle.

Next up is a post from Bonnie at My Two Stitches about calculating percentages.   As someone who writes for a living, and was once chastised for reading during math class,  I’m not a huge fan of math,  but accuracy is important in embroidery.  Bonnie points out that being too stubborn to do the math can cost you,  and offers some advice on how to make the calculations easier.

Third on the list is a great how-to post from the NNEP blog,  this one about how to embroider fleece.   I’m a huge fan of how to posts, and this one is a good one.   It’s also very useful for this time of year, at least in my neck of the woods.   If you have customers who are looking to bundle up and stay warm,  check out this post.  I’m betting you’ll find it useful.

Fourth down today (football humor!) is a post about football promo products from the ASI.  They did a survey about tailgating habits and found that football related promo products and garments are big business.   Garments worn in support of a favorite team figure big in the survey,  but it turns out that football fans treasure all sorts of things when it comes to football memorabilia.   It also doesn’t seem to matter whether the football game is pro, college or high school,  people love showing their support.

Finally,  we turn to the big news story of the week, which is the death of Steve Jobs.   Everyone loses something when an innovator leaves this world,  and the best tribute that can be offered is to learn from what he did and who he was.   Peter Shankman suggests one way to do that.


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