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The Friday Blog Round Up 10/28/11

28th October 2011

The Friday Blog Round Up 10/28/11

First up today is an inspiring story of a three day walk to help fight breast cancer.   Angie from AKDesigns did the walk,  and it seems like it was an amazing experience.    As someone who lost her mother to cancer,  and who has other family members who are fighting it,  I applaud anyone who does something to help fight it.    Judging by the post and the pictures,  the experience was memorable and inspiring.

Second on the list is another in the great How To post from the NNEP blog.  This time the post is about training salespeople on how to price embroidery.   There are some very helpful tips here.   I especially like the idea of a binder with samples to which the salesperson can refer.    This is a very helpful series, and I hope it continues.

Third on the list is a terrific post from Erich Campbell about what we’re really selling when we think we’re selling embroidery.   His post delves into what that embroidery can do for the people that buy it, and really helps present a different view of the work that embroiderers do.   As usual,  I love Erich’s work, and the new perspective he brings to things.

Fourth on the list,  just because I can, and because I think it’s an important topic,  is my post on the DecQuorum blog about making sure you’re advertising where your market is and not where you think they are.   I see so many people wasting money and time advertising people who aren’t looking for what they have to offer.   We all need to be more aware of who we’re trying to sell to and where those people are online and offline.

This is a short one this week,  but I’ve been pressed for time.  I’m also looking for blog recommendations.  I’d especially love to hear about some more blogs that deal with machine embroidery.    I keep looking and I find a lot of blogs about hand embroidery, but not many about machine embroidery.   If anyone knows of a good blog I should be reading,  please do let me know.


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