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The Friday Blog Round – Up 10/15/10

15th October 2010

The Friday Blog Round – Up 10/15/10

Anyone who reads this blog,  or our Twitter feed or our Facebook page knows that I’m a huge fan of Black Duck Inc.  Erich’s latest post illustrates one of the reasons why I’m such a fan.    Black Duck is consistently innovative and willing to stretch the boundaries of what can be done with embroidery.   Plus they do fabulous work!    Just look what Black Duck did with EnMart’s colored metallic embroidery thread.  It’s awesome!

Second on the list today is this pop quiz from the Fashion Incubator blog.   I have to say,  I didn’t know what all these symbols meant,  and I’m generally pretty careful about how I wash and care for my clothes.     I’m wondering if people who deal with fabric on a regular basis will have better luck than I did.  Just make sure you don’t look at the post with the answers before you take the quiz!

Third on the docket today is a post from the NNEP blog about creating an eye catching display in your shop.   Whether you have a shop or a trade show booth  creating displays that catch people’s interest and get them to stop and look is always a challenge.  Jenni offers some great tips for creating a display that will help enhance your store’s appearance,  while staying within your decorating budget.

Fourth this week is a blog post about an interview on ASI radio with Michael J. Fox.  I’m a huge fan of Mr. Fox,  and very much admire the way he’s coped with Parkinsons and the work he has done to help fight this disease and find a cure.   It sounds like the radio interview was a lot of fun.   If you missed the radio broadcast and want to listen to it,   you can listen to the archived show on the ASI website.

Finally, I wanted to point out that I have a new blog post up on the Stitches website.   This post is about the value, or lack of value, in celebrity endorsements.    I think there can be value in these sorts of endorsements,  but I think the value increases or decreases based on how much trust is placed in the endorser.   As we all know,  many advertisers and marketers place a lot of value on endorsements,  look at how many celebrities sell things on television.  My question is how much do these endorsements matter to the average person?  If you have an opinion, please leave a comment on the Stitches blog and let me know what you think.

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