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The Friday Blog Round – Up 10/12/12

12th October 2012

The Friday Blog Round – Up 10/12/12

First up from Designs in Machine Embroidery is a tutorial on embroidering ribbed knits.  I love tutorials that are easy to follow and which allow you to expand your product offerings and this one does both.  Plus,  the designs being stitched are from Urban Threads,  a company which I think does amazing designs, so that’s an added bonus.

Second on the list we have a post from Joyce Jagger about the value of gift giving for your business.  Many businesses add a small freebie or additional gift with their orders,  but Joyce’s post shows you how to use gift giving most effectively.   She makes a great case for the idea that a gift will have a small cost for you but a great value to the recipient.

Third on the docket is a terrific post from Erich Campbell about avoiding cupping or substrate distortion.  I always enjoy Erich’s posts because they teach me something new and help explain the craft of machine embroidery to me in a way that is easy to understand.   The behind the scenes look at how machine embroidery works that he gives us is unique and a huge benefit.

Fourth at bat is a new collection from Urban Threads Evenfall Lace.  If I do ever decide to take up machine embroidery myself  I’ll probably go broke buying all of Urban Threads designs and this new collection is no exception.  It’s pretty and delicate and mysterious all at once.   As I said on the EnMart Facebook page the other day,  if it were me,  I’d buy some Badgemaster and some of EnMart’s cool access threads and start stitching.

Fifth on the list is a post about the power of saying “we screwed up and we’re sorry”.  In this case,  the admission comes from Apple, and the product is their Apple Maps product.   Sometimes the best thing you can do is admit your mistakes or errors and apologize and try to help your customers get the experience they need and want whether it’s from you or someone else.   It’s likely this approach will help you keep customers,  as all anyone customer really wants is an acknowledgement that there is a problem and reassurance that steps are being taken to solve it.   Apple did a masterful job of doing just that  and I applaud them for it.


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