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The Friday Blog Round – Up 10/08/10

8th October 2010

The Friday Blog Round – Up 10/08/10

First up today,  if you haven’t seen this hilarious video from Odd Guy Art,  you need to watch it immediately.   There are some priceless moments here,  from Graham’s struggles to be understood (he’s British you know) to Marie making a deposit in the bosom bank and having her savings exit quickly via the bottom of her shirt.  I’ve always known these two had a great sense of humor,  and the video is certainly confirmation of that.  Definitely a fun way to spend a few minutes.

Second on the docket,  is a great post from Nicole Reyhle of Retail Minded about where and how to find sales reps.   Hiring a sales rep is a giant step for any business and it can be a confusing one if you’ve never hired a rep before.   Nicole explains the difference between the types of reps you can hire, which I didn’t know,  and then gives you some places where you can find reps who are looking for work.  If you’re thinking of hiring a sales rep for your business, check this post out.

Third on the list today is Robin Wilson’s latest post on Twitter and Facebook.  She takes on the whole idea that those sites are mostly about what people had for breakfast  or that they take a lot of time.    Robin also makes the very good point that you get out what you put in.  If you’re open to meeting new people and are responsive and constantly putting out good, interesting content,  you experience will be much different than if you are simply posting links to your latest product every hour.   If you’re not currently on Twitter and Facebook, read Robin’s post.  It may change your mind about those sites.

Fourth on the list is a good tip from Joyce Jagger about producing sew-outs for clients.  Some embroiderers do sew-outs on backing, which works,  but doesn’t really give a feel for how the sew-out will look on the actual material.   Joyce recommends saving old clothes and cutting them up to get fabric squares. Store the fabric squares in a labeled bin and you are ready whenever someone needs a sew-out on a particular type of cloth.  If you don’t have old clothes you could always visit a local thrift shop and pick up some items inexpensively.

Finally,  I wanted to point out a great post by Amber Naslund that was brought to my attention via The Wilson Edge.  Amber writes about trying to be something you’re not to please other people and how the most effective presenters are the people who are being themselves, warts and all.   I think this can be extended to anyone who does anything in the public eye.  If you’re a business owner,  give seminars,  speak at your local Chamber of Commerce or networking group,  or simply talk about your business to the guy next to you in line at the grocery,  you need to do so in a way that is authentically you.  When you try to be something you’re not,  you lose your passion.  It’s a great and thought provoking post.

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  1. 1 On October 8th, 2010, Robin Wilson said:

    Thank you so much for the mentions Kristine!! I love reading your take on things. I always find it amazing how 2 people who have never met, can reach out across the country & still chat and find so many similarities!

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