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The Foundation on Which We’re Built

6th April 2010

The Foundation on Which We’re Built

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We have  always believed that every business is worthy of our best,  regardless of order size or business size.   This has been the guiding philosophy of the Ensign Group since 1974, when a man named Ed Benjamin created a company called Ensign Emblem.  Ed had been working in the emblem business for quite a while and he had noticed that there was a portion of the market that was being under served.   The companies that ordered thousands of pieces at one time were having to beat salespeople away from their doors, but the smaller businesses were being largely ignored.  Very few of Ensign Emblem’s competitors were interested in taking the time to work with the smaller businesses,  but Ed and Ensign were.  Working with those small businesses and helping them grow was one of the things that led Ensign from one plant to six plants and eventually from one company to two.

From the day EnMart was formed, our guiding philosophy has been the idea that all businesses, regardless of business size or order size, deserve to be treated like they matter.   That’s why we only have a $25 minimum order.   This philosophy is why we’re one of the few companies selling sublimation blanks that doesn’t require case quantity orders.   Our belief that size shouldn’t matter is also why our quantity price breaks for thread start at 12 cones in any mixture of colors.   We offer our price breaks and specials to everyone, not just to those who order hundreds or thousands of dollars of product at one time.

I know, for a lot of you, this may sound like the same song, different verse.   Telling small businesses that they’ll be treated like big businesses is a common marketing ploy and, if that were our game, we certainly wouldn’t be the first to try it.   What sets EnMart apart is the fact that we know the value of working with small business owners, and we’ve experienced how fast small businesses can grow, particularly if they have the right supplier partners.   We also firmly believe that every business and every business owner deserves the same respect and attention regardless of the final total on their order sheet.

The next step is up to you.  If you feel your current supplier isn’t offering you enough support, give EnMart a try.  If handling fees and processing fees are making your orders more costly than they need to be,   place an order with us.  Actions always speak louder than words, so put us to the test and see how we do.   I’m confident that, if you give us a try, you’ll find that EnMart gives your business the respect and attention it deserves, regardless of the size of the business or the size of your order.

That is, after all, the foundation on which we’re built.

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