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The Exceptions to the Rule

7th June 2010

The Exceptions to the Rule

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With the opening of EnMart South in Georgia,  EnMart now has four locations across the country.  Our goal is to have locations that will provide a one or at most two day shipment time to our customers,  and I think we’ve accomplished that pretty well.   There are, however, a few exceptions to the one or two day shipping rule.  Most, but not all, of the exceptions are things which we have to create when they are ordered.

One of those exceptions is, for instance,   blank patches.   Blank patch orders are currently filled from the Michigan facility.   So, regardless of where you are in the country,  your blanks will come from Michigan.    If you order Ntrans screenprint transfers,  you order will be filled either from EnMart South in Georgia,  or EnMart West in Nevada.  Sublimation supplies currently all ship from Michigan as does our NaturaLink.

The goal is to eventually have all supplies in all locations,  or to at least have certain supplies in the locations that have the most orders for those supplies,  but that sort of thing takes time.   Right now we’re working on building the correct levels of stock at the satellite locations  which is an interesting challenge as our business continues to grow,  and as we add more and more products.

I also wanted to remind everyone that all  locations are warehouses,  not stores.  We do allow and encourage local pickup,  but we ask that you place the order through our website or through our tool free customer service line first before you go to the location to pick up your order.   The satellite locations are not equipped to handle payments,  and require a few hours to fill orders for pick-up.   Running your order through the website or through customer service prior to going to the location will ensure that your order is ready for pick-up when you arrive.

Mostly I wanted to thank all our customers for their patience as we work on getting all the satellite locations online and building the ideal stock levels in each location.   We appreciate your support,  your interest and your feedback.

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