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The Care and Feeding of Needles

21st August 2008

The Care and Feeding of Needles

Back in February I did a three part series on machine embroidery needles. Part 1 dealt with needle parts. Part 2 examined fabric type and needle selection. Part 3 covered dealt with needle recommendations.

Since I wrote that series of post in February I haven’t written about needles much. In the past few days, however, we’ve had a couple of needle related questions, so it seemed like a good idea to examine the topic of machine embroidery needles in a bit more detail. That’s what I plan to do today.

One question we were asked is if our needles fit into any embroidery machine. EnMart sells Schmetz needles and we have yet to encounter an embroidery machine into which those needles don’t fit. We sell sharps and ball point needles, titanium needles, and metallic embroidery needles, so you will have some choices to make based on the fabric you embroider and the thread you choose to use.

Always remember to change your needles often. Because some of the newer machines embroider at very high speeds, needles can wear out quite quickly. A dull needle can cause frayed or snapped threads which certainly won’t improve the look of your design or your sewing speed. Some companies recommend changing your needle after every job. Others recommend changing after 5 or 8 hours of sewing. As you get to know your machine you’ll be able to determine how often you will need to change the needle.

Also make sure that you check your needle tightness regularly. Needles have been known to come loose and fall out in the middle of sewing a design. To avoid that problem, make sure you check how tight your needle is before starting each job. If the needle feels loose, don’t be afraid to tighten it up. The manual for your machine should have instructions on how to do this.

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