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The Alphabet of EnMart

15th September 2010

The Alphabet of EnMart

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I mentioned it on Facebook this morning,  so you know I had to try and write the post. I apologize in advance and profusely for the really bad rhymes.

A is for adhesive backing, useful for garments both thin and thick.

B is for Bobbins, in paper sided and magnetic.

C is for Cutaway,  which won’t generally tear.

D is for Direct to Garment Ink, to print on shirts you can wear.

E is for EnMart with great service and products galore.

F is Flags and a great deal more.

G is for Gray thread in shades of and cones.

H is for heat presses which all sublimators should own.

I is for Iris,  the best brand of thread.

J is for jewelry boxes,  in mahogany red.

K is for Knight,  a  heat press brand we carry.

L is for lint brush, a useful accessory.

M is for Metallic Thread all sparkly and shiny.

N is for Needles, which are sharp, but quite tiny.

O is for ovals in blank patches you can sublimate.

P is for Poly Mesh,  a backing which is very light weight.

Q is for the quality we offer, and that’s not just spin.

R is for rectangle, a shape that many like their blank patches to be in.

S is for Sublimation, a decoration process many seek.

T is for Transfer,  our Ntrans is unique.

U is for understanding,  which helps us avoid folly.

V is for Vapor Apparel,  with garments of poly.

W is for water soluble stabilizer at a great price.

X is for extra,  as in service and care, and as in nice.

Y is for yahoo, we’re near done,  because my brain is quite dead.

Z is for Zebra,  embroidered with our black and white thread.

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  1. 1 On December 27th, 2010, Favorite Posts of 2010 » EnMart Embroidery Talk said:

    [...] think one of the goofiest, and trickiest, posts I wrote this year was the Alphabet of EnMart.   It started out as a joke on our Facebook page,  and eventually I knew I had to try it.    [...]

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