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Thanks Ft. Worth! It Was Fun!

29th September 2009

Thanks Ft. Worth! It Was Fun!

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fort-worth-convention-centerI’m back in the office today, and I’m missing the fun of the Ft. Worth ISS Show.  It was so great to meet all the wonderful people who were at the show, to see some online customers face to face, and to get to tell so many people about the terrific products and service EnMart offers.   We had a great time.

One of the best things was being able to spend time with our manufacturer partners.  Randy from QST, Frank from Hilos Iris and Chris and Mike from Sawgrass were in our booth at various times and all shared their knowledge and experience with our customers.  EnMart selects the products we carry very carefully and we select the companies with whom we work equally carefully. The EnMart team, which includes our manufacturer partners, is dedicated to working together to bring you the best products at the best prices possible.  It was great to see that in action at the show.

It was also great fun and very gratifying to hear so many variations of this sentence “I just love your products”.  Sometimes the person who made the statement was talking about the thread, other times it was our blank patches or the backing we sell.  Some people particularly mentioned our metallic thread.  We know that our products are quality products because we use them ourselves, but it is always nice to hear that others enjoy using the products we sell as well.  Thank you to everyone who took a moment to stop by our booth and tell us how much they like using our merchandise.

The final ISS show of the year was a great one for us, and we look forward to seeing you at a wide variety of trade shows in 2010.  We’ll be at ISS Long Beach and ISS Atlantic City.   EnMart will be at the DAX Shows.  We’ll also be at the NNEP Shows.   If you’re planning to be at any of those shows, please stop by and see us.

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