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Tax I.D. Requirement

22nd June 2011

Tax I.D. Requirement

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If you follow EnMart on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen mentions in the last few days of a loosening of our policies regarding purchasing and tax i.d. numbers.    The tax i.d. requirement has been in place since EnMart began, mostly because of agreements with the manufacturer of Iris Thread.    At first the tax i.d. requirement extended to any product that was purchased from EnMart but, over time,  the requirements have shifted.

If you wish to purchase Iris Thread from EnMart,  then you must have a tax i.d number and be able to produce documentation of that number if requested.  Our agreements with Hilos Iris,  the manufacturer of Iris Thread, prohibit us selling to any entity which does not have a tax i.d. number,  largely because this allows distribution markets to be kept separate.  EnMart is the exclusive commercial distributor in the United States,  and requiring a tax i.d. number from those who purchase thread helps us ensure we are not encroaching on the territory of distributors who are servicing other market segments.

For all other products we sell,  from backing to bobbinssublimation supplies to screen print transfers the tax i.d requirement has been dropped.   If you’ve been interested in purchasing anything other than thread from EnMart, and were barred because of a lack of a tax i.d. number,  that barrier has now been lifted.


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