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Tax I.D. Numbers and EnMart

27th December 2011

Tax I.D. Numbers and EnMart

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If you’ve ever been to the EnMart site,  you probably are familiar with the disclaimer that appears at the bottom of every page.  It goes something like this:

“Iris brand threads and pricing contained on this site are available only to customers who have a tax ID number. Completing an order for Iris thread through the EnMart site certifies that you have a tax ID number and a company name and can submit those items upon request. An EnMart customer service representative may be calling to confirm your status. All other products on the EnMart site are available to everyone regardless.”

This has apparently caused confusion for some people, so I thought I’d explain in more detail.  Essentially, what this disclaimer means is that we cannot sell Iris thread to anyone who is not a commercial business,  something which is generally denoted by having a tax i.d. number.    EnMart is the exclusive commercial distributor for Iris threads in the United States and, as such,  is licensed to sell Iris thread to commercial embroiderers.  Other companies are licensed to sell Iris thread to other segments of the market, and the agreements help to ensure that each segment of the market is purchasing from the proper company.

Please note,  the agreement regarding tax i.d. numbers relates only the Iris thread.   Any non thread related products,  such as backingsublimation blanks,  or blank patches may be purchased by anyone, regardless of business status.

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  1. 1 On December 29th, 2011, ann johnson said:

    I had to change my e-mail address from annjgifts@aol.com to the hotmail address. Do you still have my tax id number for Jordan Creek Crafts? I plan to be at Dax in Kansas City in March. I have an order in hand but that would save the shipping cost if I could just pick up the thread and stabilizer there. Will you have all the thread colors at Dax? Sincerely, Ann Johnson, Jordan Creek Designs.

  2. 2 On December 29th, 2011, kristine said:

    Hi Ann. We don’t have to worry about tax documents, as you’re not in a state in which we need to charge sales tax. So that’s not an issue. We would love to see you at DAX. We generally try to have all the thread colors there, but we’re reducing the number of each color we bring. If you’d like to pick up an order at the show, just place it in advance of the show and we’ll have it ready and waiting in our booth for you to pick up.

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