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Talking to Our Customers

19th December 2007

Talking to Our Customers

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One of the main things any company needs to do to succeed is make contact with their customers.  That contact needs to come in two forms.  One is talking to customers and the other is listening to customers.   Companies that are marginally successful generally manage to be good at one or the other, but not both.

At EnMart, our plan is to be a successful company, and so we are putting procedures in place which will allow us to both talk to and listen to our customers.  We have plans to talk to you in a variety of ways.  One way, of course, is our web site.  Another way is this blog.  We also are investigating forums to which we can contribute.  We also produce the twice monthly EnMart NewsBites e-mail. There will, down the road, be advertisements and articles in industry magazines and newsletters.   We will also be attending a significant number of trade shows in 2008. Our goal is to make information about our company and our products available to you in a variety of ways, so that you can choose to learn about us in the way that best suits you.

We also have methods in place that will let us listen to our customers.  This blog is one method.  Rest assured that any comments you leave here will be promptly answered and acted upon, should action be necessary.  We also provide a variety of ways to contact us should you have a suggestion or a question. The personnel who attend trade shows are there, in part, to hear your comments about our company and our products and to take your suggestions.  We know that the only way to make our company successful is to listen to you, our customers.  You’re the best people to tell us what we’re doing well and what could use improvement. 

Right now, we’re doing quite well at getting the message out.  What we’re lacking at the moment is feedback from our customers.  We want to hear about it all, both the times when we did everything right, and the times when things didn’t go as well as we would have liked.   As I’ve said before, we can’t give you what you want if we don’t know what that is, and they only one who can give us that information is all of you.

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