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Show Us What You’ve Made

16th June 2010

Show Us What You’ve Made

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I have to confess,  I love seeing the things that people have made with the products that we sell.  Whether it’s an embroidered jacket or a sublimated mousepad,  it’s so much fun knowing that something we did helped that new product come into being.  I’m a huge fan of the work our customers do,  and quite in awe of how they do it.  Since my talent is words and not visual art,  it always amazes me how some people can take individual components like thread or sublimation ink and use them to create something breathtaking.

Over the time EnMart has been in existence,  and especially since we started doing trade shows,  I’ve had the privilege and the pleasure of seeing a lot of really cool items that had been made using EnMart products.   Unfortunately,  snapping a pic at a trade show isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  Plus,  even if we had snapped a picture,  we didn’t really have a venue in which to display them.  We’ve discussed adding a gallery of customer work to our website in the past,  but somehow that just never seemed like the right option.

Now, I’m pleased to say,  we do have a venue that seems like the right option.  As part of our marketing initiative,  we have created a Facebook page for EnMart.   One of the things this page allows fans to do,  besides following what’s happening at EnMart,  is upload photos to the EnMart fan page.

We would like to encourage all our customers and fans to add photos of the items they have  made using EnMart products to our fan page.   If you’re unsure how to upload photos to a fan page,  you can view this short video tutorial.   (Note:  the tutorial was not made by us,  and is for another organization,  but illustrates the process nicely).  If you’ve embroidered or sublimated something awesome,  please share it with the rest of the EnMart community.

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