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Sell,Sell = Bye,Bye

16th February 2010

Sell,Sell = Bye,Bye

As some of you may already know,  I recently was a panelist for a Stitches Webinar on social media.  After seeing the interest in the subject of that webinar, it seemed like a good idea to go beyond the webinar and continue to share  some helpful hints about social media with those who read these blogs.   EmbroideryTalk and its sister blog, SubliStuff, are devoted to the disciplines and business of embroidery and sublimation respectively, but they’re also about helping our customers prosper.  Part of that help should include the lessons we’ve learned, not just about embroidery and sublimation, but about business in general.

Today I wanted to share one of the lessons I’ve learned in my time working with social media marketing.   This lesson is a simple one, but it can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your social media campaigns.   The lesson is simply this:

If you want your social media marketing campaigns to be successful become a part of the community.

It doesn’t matter where the community is, on a forum, or on Twitter or Facebook, or part of Google Buzz, this rule extends to all social media venues.  If you want to have credibility and to be thought of as trustworthy and reliable, you have to form relationships with others.  The best way to do that is through interaction.  If you’re on Twitter retweet and reply to other people’s tweets.  If you’re on Facebook, comment on other people’s posts and make some posts yourself that let other people get to know who you are.    If you write a blog get to know other bloggers who write about the same or similar topics,  comment on the blogs those bloggers write, and build a blogroll that will help spotlight your blogging friends.  Bring value to the table beyond the products or services your business offers.

No one likes to be sold all the time.  A Twitter feed or a Facebook page that is a constant litany of “buy my products, buy my products” and nothing else isn’t going to do for your business what you think it will do.  Social media marketing offers some great new ways to get in touch with prospective customers and publicize your business, but it also has some pitfalls, and the biggest one is this:

If all you’re saying is “Sell! Sell!”

All you”ll be hearing from those who follow your social media accounts is “Bye, Bye”.

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