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Save Time and Money with Ntrans

15th April 2009

Save Time and Money with Ntrans

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Summer is coming and with the season comes all the great jobs the screen printers and embroiderers love so much.  Maybe it’s a bunch of shirts for a summer camp, or for a vacation Bible school.   Perhaps you’ve been asked to do the shirts for a large family or class reunion.  The possibilities are endless and, sometimes, so is the work.  In today’s economic climate, everyone is working on ways to reduce costs and save on time.  If you offer screen printed garments to your customers, EnMart has a product that can help you do just that.

Ntrans transfers are a unique screen print transfer available only from EnMart.   Designed specifically for garment decorators by garment decorators, Ntrans offers  a clarity and depth of color that other screen print transfers just can’t match.  Our transfers also adhere smoothly to the fabric, creating a design that is more comfortable to wear, and much more resistant to cracking, peeling and fading than most transfers.

EnMart’s Ntrans tranfers can be used anywhere on a garment that an emblem, direct embroidery or screen print can be used.  There are no limitations on the colors that can be used in the design.   The transfers do work best on 100% cotton fabric, although cotton/poly blends will work as well.  The fabric on which the transfer will be placed needs to be able to stand up to heat, since the transfers will be sealed to the garment with a heat press.

Ntrans transfers allow you to add screen printed designs to your garments without having to create the designs yourself.  Instead of creating screens and laying down colors, you simply press the transfer to the garment, let it cool, peel back the paper and your done.  If you need multiple copies of the same design, NTrans can help you save on supplies and labor costs.   You can also save on inventory costs, since you only need to stock the garments you’re going to use.  Since Ntrans can be quickly and easily applied, you don’t have to have a stock of shirts already created in case of a last minute order.

Placing an order  for Ntrans is easy.  Simply go to the EnMart store and follow the instructions.  Turnaround time for transfer orders can be as little as three days, depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the order.

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