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Sales Tax and EnMart: What You Need to Know

30th August 2012

Sales Tax and EnMart: What You Need to Know

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We have been getting a lot of sales tax related questions lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to go over how sales tax works and why we handle it the way we do.  I know this is a confusing subject for a lot of people,  so I’m hoping I can make things a bit clearer.

The first thing you need to know is that EnMart charges sales tax in Michigan, Georgia, California, Illinois, New Jersey and Nevada.  We do this because our parent company has a physical presence in each of those states, and so the states require us to remit sales tax to them.  The information on how to legally avoid being charged sales tax is included on our policies page.    Although we provide this information on our policies page, we still often get questions about why we charge sales tax, how to avoid paying sales tax, and why we charge sales tax in the states where we charge it.   To answer these questions, I present an EnMart Sales Tax FAQ, which will hopefully answer many of the questions people may have about sales tax and EnMart.

Q 1:  Why do you charge sales tax?

Companies  are required by law to charge sales tax on orders originating in states where the company has a physical presence.

Q2:  What are the states in which you have a physical presence?

Ensign Emblem, EnMart’s parent company, has facilities in Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, California, Illinois and Georgia.  EnMart charges sales tax in all those states, regardless of whether or not the Ensign facility is also an EnMart facility as well.

Q3:  Is there any way to be declared exempt from paying  sales tax?

Each state has its own rules about how sales tax must be handled.    Many states offer an option to resellers of providing a resale or sales tax exemption certificate to the companies from which they purchase.  Once the company selling the goods has the certificate on file, they can exempt the purchasing company from sales taxes.   EnMart provides links to the relevant sales tax forms on our Policies page.

Q4:  I’ve already sent you my sales tax exemption number.  Why is EnMart still charging me sales tax?

Completing the form or sending us your tax exemption number is not enough.  To comply with the law, EnMart must have the relevant form on file in our offices prior to exempting any customer from sales tax.  Forms can be faxed to us at 888-946-7583 or e-mailed to info at myenmart dot com.   We must have the form on file in our offices before we can declare a customer tax exempt.

Q5: I’ve provided the relevant form.  Do I have to remind you I’m exempt every time I place an order?

No.  Once the form has been provided, the account status will be tax exempt.  Any orders you place from then on will not be charged sales tax.

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