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Rounding Out Your Color Palette

12th July 2011

Rounding Out Your Color Palette

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At EnMart,  we talk a lot about the core colors because those are the colors our customers use most often,  and the colors that will need to be converted first when someone switches from one thread brand to another.  Core colors are why we developed things like the Dynamic Dozen,  we know that making it easy to convert the colors you use most often will make it easier to make the switch to Iris thread.   The other side of the conversion coin,  however,  is the fact that we have a wide variety of fabulous colors of polyester and rayon machine embroidery thread and,  with all the color possibilities before you,  it can pay to round out your inventory by stocking some of the lesser known but very pretty and very useful colors we have available.

One thing to always consider is the variety of shades of a particular color that may be available.  Let’s take red for instance.   From brick red to foxy red to neon red the options for red thread vary widely.   Add red metallic thread or our sunset variegated thread and you can create tonal embroidery that has a wide spectrum of shades of red included.    We have an array of shades available in the primary colors,  red, green, blue and yellow,  as well as in secondary colors like pink, purple and brown.

Another thing to remember when considering your color palette is that our thread colors are matched to PMS color number.   Our thread conversion engine allows you to search for colors using a PMS number.   All the Iris thread colors are Pantone certified so you can be sure they will match with the Pantone color for which you’re searching.    This will definitely come in handy for companies that require their logos to be sewn out with specific colors,  or for times when a customer comes in with a Pantone swatch requesting a match to that color.

It also pays to remember that a unique shade can make your embroidery pop and stand out in the crowded marketplace.   Maybe you use a neon green or a neon orange to make your embroidery vibrant.      Perhaps you decide on a more unique, rarely used shade like Erin Green or Lt. Aquamarine Blue to catch the eye of passers by.    Colored metallic thread is also a terrific way to add visual interest to your embroidery designs.   A unique shade  or a touch of sparkle and glamor can help make an ordinary piece of embroidery into something extraordinary.

The biggest thing to remember when choosing thread colors and building your thread inventory is that there is much more available beyond the standard black, white,  red and green.    Adding some shades of color,  or some specialty thread like variegated or metallic thread can add a whole knew dimension to your embroidery.


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