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Press 3 for EnMart

8th June 2010

Press 3 for EnMart

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It feels a bit like I’ve been writing a lot of “things are changing” posts lately, but things are changing and some explanations need to be given.  EnMart is adding new products.  We’re adding new locations.   We’re even adding a new, and fancier, phone system.  Change is a good thing,  and can bring benefits,  but it sometimes does need a bit of explaining.   Today I want to explain the changes to the phone system and how they will benefit you.

First,  some background.  When EnMart started,  we had an entirely separate phone system from the one used by our parent company, Ensign Emblem.   EnMart was a brand new company and, while we had hopes it would succeed and prosper,  we didn’t know for sure that it would.  Revamping the main company phone system costs money and time,  and it seemed prudent to wait until the volume of calls had grown and the company was established before we did the work and spent the money.

Now, almost three years down the road,  the need for a new phone system for EnMart has become acute.   Our call volume has grown exponentially and the only way to provide the type of customer service we pride ourselves on providing is to create a larger phone system with more capabilities.  So that’s what we’ve done.

Today,  when you call EnMart,  instead of simply being connected right to customer service,  you’ll be greeted with an introductory menu (audio recorded by yours truly).   To go directly to EnMart personnel,  you can either dial the extension, if you know it,  of the person to whom you wish to speak  or press 3 to be taken to the next available customer service representative.   There’s no complicated menu to listen to,  and no on hold purgatory.  You press three and your call is answered. It’s that simple.

This phone system will allow for quicker access to specific people.   It will allow EnMart customer service personnel to transfer you to our resident experts without having to ask you to make another call.   It will provide more available lines for incoming calls,  so no one will ever get a busy signal or have to wait on hold for their call to be answered.  Basically,  it will allow us to serve you better and more efficiently,  without placing more barriers in your way when you make a call.

We think that’s a win-win for all of us.

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