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Point of Sales System: EnMart’s Recommendation

16th May 2011

Point of Sales System: EnMart’s Recommendation

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Lately I’ve been writing about great people or products that we’ve encountered as a result of our trade show experiences.   Last week I wrote about Encore Embroidery and Iris Thread.   This week I want to write about something which no one who sells at a trade show should be without,  a good point of sale (POS) system.

When our IT department went looking for a POS system,  we had a few requirements.   Our ideal system would be:


  • easy to use
  • easy to update
  • compatible with any computer or operating system
  • able to deal with a wide variety of product listings
  • relatively inexpensive

Ease of use and the cost of the system were key points.   Our trade show strategy for 2011 was something we’d never tried before,  so we weren’t sure if selling at trade shows would be a viable option for us.  Given that fact,  we needed a POS system that we could set up without an excessive amount of time and effort,  and we needed something that we could put into place without spending thousands of dollars on a product we might not use more than once.

After some research, we found what has become, for us anyway, a great choice for a  POS system.  It’s called Cash Register and, while it’s not all fancy graphics and cool effects,  it does everything we need it to do efficiently and easily.   It also has a great price point,  as the software can be downloaded for free.

This program is a DOS program,  so it looks pretty basic,  but it performs all the functions you would want a point of sale system to perform.   You can store inventory with a 26,000 item limit,  run sales with cash, credit cards or checks,  do discounts, and run reports.  It can also be set up so it opens your cash drawer when you ring up a sale.   You can manually enter items, or create barcodes and use a barcode scanner.  We’ve used this product at several trade shows and it has done everything we’ve wanted it to do.

The website for the site isn’t fancy,  and the fact that it’s DOS based may give some people pause,  but we’ve put this system through its paces and it’s performed beautifully.   We checked out the program and the developer before we downloaded the program,  and it’s all on the level.    If you have questions about why someone would create and offer a fully developed POS system for free,  you can find the answers here.    You can also find answers to a whole bunch of additional questions on the FAQ page.

If you’re looking for a point of sale system for your business,  whether you run a retail store or sell at craft or trade shows,   Cash Register or DHPOS as it’s also known,  could well be the ideal solution.    We’ve now used it for four shows and it has been a great solution for us.   If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add a point of sale system to your business,  give this software a try.  It may well turn out to be the ideal solution for you as well.

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