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Playing with Color

17th January 2008

Playing with Color

Most designs that you sew come with color recommendations or instructions about what colors and perhaps even what brand of thread should be used.  These recommendations probably reflect the preferences of whomever created the design or whomever is selling the design.  For some machine embroiderers, these recommendations are treated less as suggestions and more as commandments.  If it is recommended that the design be sewn in blue and white Madeira thread, than that’s all that should be ever used.   It is almost as though the recommendations accompanying the design carry the force of law.

For other machine embroiderers the recommendations that accompany any given design are treated as what they are, suggestions.  The person who created the design couldn’t possibly have tried every brand of thread and every color combination when sewing out the original design.  There simply isn’t enough time.

Part of the fun of machine embroidery is that it allows for creativity.  When sewing out a design, try different shades of the same color thread and see how it alters the appearance of the design.  Try the design on different fabrics and see what a fabric change does to the original colors of the design.  Experiment with colors until you find the exact set of colors that works with your new fabric.  We all know that color and shade can make a difference in the feel of a design. 

In the end machine embroidery is all about creativity.  Experimenting with color can allow you to discover new ways to use the same old designs, and perhaps expand your product offerings.  We also want to let you know that you shouldn’t be concerned about depleting your available thread stock.  If you need more thread, we have plenty.

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