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18th February 2009


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My mother died seven years ago this September.  One of the best mementos I have of her is a t-shirt that my late grandmother made for each member of the family back when my Dad started his river guide business.  Grandma made shirts for each of us with the name and logo of the business and our names on them.  When Mom died, I knew that one of the things I wanted was that shirt.  I don’t wear it often, but I do keep it.  Somehow it seems like it gives me a personal connection to Mom.

For those who run an embroidery business, personalization can be a great way to increase profits and bring in new customers.  Almost anything can be personalized these days.   You can embroider a blanket for a new baby.   You can embroider a monogram and personalize a travel mug.   You can embroider a name and logo to create customized company polo shirts. You can embroider coasters or compacts, totes and purses or almost any item you can name. The only limits are those of your machine and your imagination.

If you’re looking for supplies to use in your personalization efforts, EnMart can certainly help you find what you need.   We offer the Baby Gift Thread Palette for all your personalized baby gifts.    We have Metallic Embroidery Needles for embroidering that shiny monogram in metallic thread.  EnMart also offers blanks that can be used to personalize corporate wear.  Odds are, whatever you need for your personalization efforts, EnMart has it.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to feel like they’re special and an individual.  Creating clothing and other items that are personalized is a great way to give people that feeling while also increasing your revenue.

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