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One Sign Your Company Does Things Right

9th October 2008

One Sign Your Company Does Things Right

At some point in the process I see practically every order that gets placed with our company.  I certainly see every order that comes through the online store.  One of the things that I’ve seen lately, and something that pleases me very much, is the number of repeat customers that have been placing orders with us.   As I’ve mentioned before repeat customers can have an enormous value to a business.   Studies have shown that attracting new customers can cost up to 8 times as much as keeping existing customers happy.  Given that fact, I think the fact that our customers are placing repeat orders is a very good thing.

Having customers placing repeat orders means that our company is doing the right things.  After all, customers don’t place repeat orders if they find the order process cumbersome, or if they don’t think the products they purchased were a good value. At EnMart, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing quality products and top notch customer service.  It’s nice to see that our customers are recognizing that.

Anyone who runs a business knows that customer service requires an enormous commitment.  Good, old fashioned “we care about the customer” customer service can be pretty rare these days.   My theory is the companies that remain committed to providing top notch customer service will be the companies to which customers keep coming back.  My goal, our goal, is to make EnMart one of those companies.

Based on the orders I’m seeing, we appear to be achieving that goal.

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