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Ntrans ScreenPrint Transfers

7th September 2011

Ntrans ScreenPrint Transfers

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I spend a lot of time talking about the things we sell, and it’s often the thread and sublimation supplies that are the star of the show.  That’s probably as it should be,  since machine embroidery thread is necessary for machine embroidery and sublimation inks and papers and printers are all needed before one single thing is sublimated.    Still,  all this talk about the main events sometimes means that some great products don’t get the press they should.   I wanted to correct that problem today by talking a little bit about our Ntrans Screenprint Transfers.

For those who are not familiar with them, Ntrans Transfers are screenprint transfers that have been created specifically for industrial laundries and with our own formulation.  Unlike most screenprint transfers,  our transfers have a smooth feel and appearance,  as well as vibrant colors.   They also are designed to withstand and industrial wash and dry without cracking, peeling or fading.  These transfers are tough and ready to take anything ordinary life can throw at them.

Ordering Ntrans transfers is a simple process.  Just select the Ntrans Screenprint Transfers menu link,  and then select the number of colors in your design.   Once you’ve selected the number of colors,  choose your size.   We offer up to 3 x 5,  or over 3 x 5 to 11 x 11.   An 11 x 11 transfer is the largest we can create.   Once you’ve selected the number of colors and the size of your transfer,   list the actual dimensions of the transfer and the actual colors you require,  using color names or PMS numbers,  and then add any additional instructions.    The minimum order of screenprint transfers is 12,  and the transfers are not ganged.

After the order has been placed,  please follow the instructions for submitting artwork.   It is always helpful to have a picture or sketch of how the transfer is meant to look,  and vector artwork is always helpful.   The better the quality of the artwork that is submitted to us,  the better the quality of the finished transfer.   Once we have received your artwork,  we will create a digital sketch of how the finished transfer will look, which will be sent via e-mail at no charge.

Once you have received your transfers,  you’ll discover just how easy they are to apply.    We offer instruction via video, or written instruction on how to properly apply your Ntrans screenprint transfers.    Please make sure to follow these instructions precisely.    If you do,  you’ll find that EnMart’s screenprint transfers are a great addition to your garment decoration business.

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