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Not Goodbye, Just Au Revoir

25th September 2015

Not Goodbye, Just Au Revoir

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smiling business people waving handsThe first post on this blog was written in October 2007.   That’s 8 years ago.    In 8 years,  a lot can change and, as time has gone on, the whole concept of what this particular blog should be has expanded and grown.   When we started Embroidery Talk,  EnMart was just beginning and we had no idea that we’d one day be selling sublimation supplies,  and crafting threads,  and quilting threads and have plans to expand even further.    While our sublimation news and information eventually migrated to SubliStuff,   we’ve been trying to stay true to the original subject matter of this blog,  all the while realizing that we needed to expand the areas about which we talked,   as we now had a much larger array of products to discuss.

The reality of the situation is that EmbroideryTalk is growing older,   there have been a lot of developments in WordPress themes since it was set up,   and the poor blog is already carrying a pretty heavy weight with 500+ posts.   Add to that the fact that EmbroideryTalk has now expanded to encompass QuiltingTalk,  and CraftThreadTalk,  and a host of talk about other products that we didn’t even dream we’d be carrying in 2007,  and it quickly became apparent that while the current blog was useful,  and should stay in place,   our ongoing blogging efforts needed to find a new home.

The good news is that we have found a new home for our blog.   We call it Threaducate,  and that’s what we intend to do there,  educate our customers and friends about thread,  machine and hand embroidery,  quilting,  crafting,   as well as the supplies that go along with the thread.     All the topics and themes that, we hope,  made EmbroideryTalk useful and fun to read will migrate to Threaducate.   We’re simply expanding our knowledge base and opening up our subject matter,  while creating a space that also reflects EnMart in 2015 and can be easily read on tablets and phones as well as a desktop computer.

Right now, Threaducate is still a work in progress,  and the look of it will change.   The content,  however,  will remain true to the goals we laid out in our first post here on October 2, 2007.   They were as follows:

Our hope is that this blog will become a reference both for our customers and for others who machine embroider or work in the field of apparel decoration. Our other hope is that, by providing you with a resource, we will also be able to introduce you to our company and the products we sell. We have used our connections and searched the world for premium products which we will make available at prices that will suit any budget. Our EnMart Store and the products we sell there will be one of the topics this blog covers. Other topics will be dicated by the questions we are asked, information that I find on other blogs, forums or sites, and our own experience.

In the posts to come you will find hints, tips, stories and opinions. We think of this blog as the beginning of a conversation. We’ll talk and, hopefully, you’ll talk back. We encourage discussion and questions, and will do our best to be a useful resource.

I’d like to think,  almost eight years after those paragraphs were written,  that this blog has accomplished the goals we set out back then.

I also look forward to carrying those goals on to Threaducate.

We invite you all to join us there.

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