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NewsBites is Moving to the Blog

24th November 2009

NewsBites is Moving to the Blog

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enmart-newsbites-4-09Those of you who get our e-mail newsletter may already be familiar with EnMart Newsbites.  The NewsBites were originally designed to be small pieces of information that would be sent out in an e-mail newsletter twice a month.  The problem has been that, as time has gone on, the NewsBites e-mails have gone from something that just take a minute to read to a more extensive newsletter.   Something had to be done, and we finally made the decision that the best place for the NewsBites newsletter was here on this blog.

For now, we will keep the same schedule, and the Newsbites will appear twice a month.  They will retain the same format they did when in e-mail form, which means each NewsBites post will have three or four small paragraphs of information.  Some of the information will be helpful hints and tips.  Other items will be announcements about new products and/or services available from EnMart.   The NewsBites posts will appear during the second and fourth weeks of each month, beginning in December.

We will also, of course, keep sending out helpful e-mails to all those who have elected to be on our mailing list.  These e-mails will now spotlight some aspect of EnMart’s products or services, and each will contain a helpful tip from a NewsBites blog post.  If you are not currently on our mailing list, just contact us to be added.

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