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New Specialty Threads From EnMart

26th September 2012

New Specialty Threads From EnMart

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EnMart is proud to announce that we have added two new specialty threads to our website.   One of these is a thread that many customers have asked for over the last few years.   The other is a thread that we thought was fun and unique.

The first new thread is EnMart’s UltraGlow Glow in the Dark Thread.    This thread is 100% polyester and,  as the name implies,  glows in the dark.    It is available in six colors,  and does not,  as some threads do,  glow with the radioactive green glow that you often see in pictures of glow in the dark thread.  The glow of these threads echoes the color of the threads in their non glowing state.    To make the threads glow,  they must be exposed to sunlight or house light.   The glow can last for hours if the thread is put into complete darkness.    This is a fun thread for kids clothes, and certainly for Halloween decorations or costumes.    We know that a lot of people have been wanting us to add this thread to our product line,  so I’m happy to announce it is now available.

The second new thread is EnMart’s Sunsational  Solar Active Thread.  This thread is designed to change color when exposed to sunlight.   In the absence of sun,  the thread appears white or a relatively light color.   When exposed to sunlight,  the thread changes to a more vivid color.    The color change will last up to 6,000 times,  which is most likely the life of the garment.  Sunsational thread is available in 5 colors.

EnMart does add new products on a fairly frequent basis.  If you want to keep updated about what’s being added or what’s on the drawing board,  you can subscribe to this blog, like our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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