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Need Something Special – Call Us!

21st January 2014

Need Something Special – Call Us!

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contact usOne of the hardest things for any company to do,  I think,  is find a balance between what they can do or offer and what they put on their website.   It’s a rather delicate balance.   Include too much and customers are made to wade through a labyrinth of pages before they find what they need.   Include too little, and customers may bounce off the page because they think you don’t have the item for which they are searching.    Too many categories and menu items can get confusing.  Too few menu items or categories that are too broad will not highlight all the options your company can provide.   Finding the tipping point is a matter of trial and error and that point will be different for every company.   Today I want to discuss EnMart’s tipping point.

When we were first constructing the website it became apparent that we couldn’t include every possible thing we might sell.   The list was far too long and would have resulted in pages and pages of products.   While we wanted to give a good representation of our product lines,  we didn’t want to overwhelm anyone or make it too hard to find what was needed.   So we settled on the idea of including,  in some sections at least,  only the most popular  or best selling products.   Our theory was that these products were items we knew people would buy so it made sense to make them easily available.

While this idea has worked well,  it still has left us with a list of products we could sell,  but which aren’t generally available on our website.   We can get special types and cuts of stabilzer.    We have access to a wide variety of sublimation blanks.   Our blank patch repertoire is far wider than what appears on our website.    Some of these items may not be stock items,  but we can order them and get them to you in a fairly small amount of time.

If you’re searching for something and don’t see it on our website,  please contact us.    In many cases we will have a option that will meet your needs.    We also are willing to send out samples of threads and backings  or a sample blank patch so you can test them before you buy.   All you have to do is ask.

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