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Multi-Media Embroidery

14th January 2013

Multi-Media Embroidery

thread and inkI have to confess,  our parent company, Ensign Emblem, is a production embroidery shop.  We do a lot of great embroidery and have stitched some awesome looking designs in our time,  but Ensign Emblem,  aptly enough,  mostly embroiders emblems,  and so there isn’t a lot of call for mixed media or multi-media embroidery.    Still embroidery effects are fun and can add a bit of flash to your embroidered goods,  so knowing about the latest multi-media techniques could be good for your skill level and for your business.    Since I can’t speak from personal or corporate experience on this,  I thought I’d share some links to other blogs posts or sites that deal with the topic of multi-media embroidery,  and we can all learn together.

First up,  embroidery over direct to garment printing.  Granted,  this is an advertisement used to sell DTG printing to embroiderers,  but you’ve got to admit it’s pretty cool.   I love how the embroidery makes certain elements stand out from the printed picture.  In a weird way it almost looks like a comic book.

Second,  we have a post from Ann the Gran  featuring some little touches that can add a bit of pop to your embroidery.   I love the idea of embroidering a design and adding something other than embroidery in the appropriate place.  In the example given,  the extra element is a button,  but it gives a bit of dimensionality.  I also like the silk flowers on the lampshade idea.  Again,  adding something three dimensional to the embroidery adds more visual interest.

Third, we have patches  that  are sublimated and embroidered which,  I have to admit,  I’m kind of wanting to try here.    It looks like basically the same theory as the embroidered DTG print,  you simply print your image and then embroider certain parts of it.   Of course,  patches do tend to be smaller, so size might be an issue here,  and I imagine it would be easier if you did a sheet of images,  embroidered them all, and then cut and merrowed them to form emblems.   Still,  it’s a cool idea,  and one I would love to see our parent company try.

Fourth,  we have embroidering on vinyl.   Now this is more the sort of vinyl used for dining room chairs or boat seats,  but it’s still interesting.    I also know embroiderers out there who have been asked to embroider on boat or car seats.

Sadly,  I didn’t find a good example of sublimation and machine embroidery,  but that is something I’ve been pushing our sublimation gurus to try here.   Hopefully we’ll get the time to experiment a bit this year.    Hopefully, you all will get the time to experiment as well.  If you do create some multi-media embroidery,  particularly if you use EnMart products to do it,  please do share with us.  We love to see what you create.

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