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More Metallic Thread Tips

26th August 2008

More Metallic Thread Tips

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Working with metallic thread can be tricky.  There are some techniques and tips that machine embroiderers should know about it they want their metallic thread to run smoothly and sew easily.  If you’re using Iris metallic thread, in gold or silver, you’re already a step ahead of the game.  If you use Iris metallic thread and follow the tips given below, your sewing experience should be an easy one.

Tips for Sewing with Metallic Thread

  • Use a fresh needle.   Needles can go dull quite quickly.  Make sure you’re using a fresh needle when you start sewing with metallic thread.
  • Use a needle designed for metallic thread. Needles designed for metallic thread can help prevent shredding and breakage.
  • A clean needle is a happy needle.  Make sure your needle is cleared of fuzz or gunk.  Thread runs more smoothly when clean needles are used.
  • Make sure you’re practicing good machine maintenance.  Some basic maintenance can help ensure that your machine sews a lot more smoothly.
  • Sew slowly.  If you sew too fast, your thread will be more likely to snag or break.  Keep your machine sewing at a steady, even speed.  The job may take a bit longer, but you won’t experience as many stoppages due to breaks or other issues.
  • Keep tension loose.   Metallic threads seem to sew better when tensions are loose.  Setting your tensions more loosely will help you avoid breaks.
  • Make sure your design is digitized for metallic thread.  This sort of thread has special requirements when it comes to digitizing.  Make sure the stitches aren’t too dense.

The most important thing you can do when sewing with metallic machine embroidery thread is this:  relax.   If you’re in a hurry you’ll most likely be tempted to try and hurry the sewing along as well.  If you relax, you’ll get the job done and have a lovely, shiny embroidery to show for you time.

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