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Monograms and Accessories

4th August 2008

Monograms and Accessories

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One thing every business owner should know is the art of the upsell. If you want your business to succeed you not only need to convince your potential customer that they want to buy from you in the first place, you also need to help them see that they have a need for something they may not have even considered. Getting an order for a bunch of shirts is nice. Getting that order plus an order for hats to go with the shirts is even better.

Bags are one big category of accessories that almost everyone needs. If your client is doing a summer t-shirt promotion, you can suggest that they add beach bags as well. If the promotion if for a library or grocery store, bags are a great add on, and one that people will use again and again. Embroidering the bag with your customer’s logo also means that logo will be seen every time someone uses the bag. This is a great way to advertise.

Hats are another great way to upsell an order, and they don’t necessarily have to be baseball caps. There are lots of cute and trendy hat styles that also lend themselves well to monogramming and embroidery. Hats are making a comeback in a lot of areas and some of the more trendy styles are popular with younger wearers.

Scarves and ties are another great way to give your customers a little something extra. Scarves in school colors can be very popular Christmas gift. Ties are a great way to express corporate or organizational unity. Both options are a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade and add some personality to an order.

Another great way to upgrade an order and to add some personalization at the same time is a monogram. The practice of monogramming has been around forever, but seems to change a bit with each generation. Today’s young people seem to like monograms in brighter colors and non-traditional fonts. Monograms are also still popular on linens, towels, and wedding gifts.

Upselling doesn’t require being pushy or trying to get customers to buy something they don’t really need. All that is necessary is to understand the products and processes you have available, as well as how those products and processes can benefit your customers.

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