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Miscellany Monday

12th July 2010

Miscellany Monday

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Every once in a while I like to do a post where I tie up a bunch of loose ends that aren’t really big enough to warrant a post of their own,  but which are annoying me by hanging out there.   Monday always seems like a good day to do one of these posts (plus Miscellany Monday has a nice alliterative feel to it)  as it leaves the rest of the week clear to forge ahead with new topics.

First up today is something you may already know,  the Ricoh GX e3300N printers are back in stock.   I mentioned this in the Friday Round-Up post as well,  but I felt it warranted another mention here.   Now that the Ricoh 3300 is back in stock,  we offer a complete entry level printer solution array.  If you want to do wide format printing,  we offer the Epson WF 1100.   If you’re only interested in printing smaller transfers,  then the Ricoh 3300 should suit your needs admirably.  Either printer is a great option for setting up your sublimation shop.

Second,  I wanted to mention the Electric Youth article in Stitches Magazine.  Much of the embroidery for this article was done by our friend Erich Campbell of Black Duck Inc.   The colored metallic thread used in many of the designs Erich did came from EnMart.   Sadly,  some of Erich’s most spectacular designs didn’t make the magazine.  I’m hoping to have pictures of those designs to share with you later.  Erich did some awesome work and it deserves to be seen.

Third on the agenda of miscellany today,  I wanted to remind everyone that EnMart is on both Facebook and Twitter.  If you want to keep entirely up to date on what’s happening here,  and be the first to hear our latest news,  it would be a good idea to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  While the blogs are a great source of in depth information,  the Facebook and Twitter profiles get updated more frequently.

Fourth up on this Miscellany Monday,  I wanted to remind everyone where EnMart will be this Summer.  We have quite an extensive trade show schedule over the next two months.   If you’ve been wanting to meet our sublimation and embroidery experts or to see the entire array of what EnMart has to offer,   please take the time to stop by our booth at one of the shows we’ll be attending.  We always love meeting our friends,  fans and customers and stopping by our booth will definitely be worth your while.

Finally,  I wanted to ask a question,  what sort of topics would you like to see covered on this blog and on the SubliStuff blog?   EmbroideryTalk has been around for almost 3 years now,  Sublistuff is seven months old,  and there are times when I’m stuck for ideas or wondering if I’m covering the topics you all want to see.  If you have a suggestion for a post or a topic you’d like to see covered,  please leave it in the comments section.   All suggestions will be considered.

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