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May Specials From EnMart

6th May 2009

May Specials From EnMart

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blackwhitebobbinskit-smallThis May, EnMart is all about the bobbins.  Our Style L HI-10 Bobbins specifically.  We know these bobbins are great because our parent company uses them in all of our plants.   Since our five plants turn out a lot of direct embroidery and embroidered blanks in the course of a year,  we’ve had ample opportunity to test these bobbins.  Believe me, if they weren’t up to our standards, our operators would be letting us know.

This May we have created two special offers involving our bobbins.  The first involves just the bobbins themselves.  In May, you can get a box of our white Hi-10 Style L Filament Polyester Bobbins (144/box) for just $20.95 per box.  That’s a savings of $6.00 off the regular price.    If you want to buy in bulk, you can purchase 12 boxes for the low price of $251.40, which is $39.60 off the regular bulk price.   This special will only last through the end of May, so take advantage of these great prices on our Hi-10 Bobbins now.

Our second special involves our Hi-10 Bobbins and our Iris Polyester Thread. This combination is part of our BASICS series.  The BASICS Series is a group of kits designed for those who are starting out with embroidery, or who need some simple items at reasonable prices.  Our first kit includes our Hi-10 bobbins and one 5500 yard cone each of our Iris polyester thread in black and white.   Buying these items together brings you a 17% discount off the cost of buying each item separately.  This is a great opportunity to stock up on the basics, thread and bobbins, which every machine embroiderer needs.   This special also ends when May ends, so stock up on our Starter Kit #1 while there’s still time.

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