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Magnetic Bobbins are Here!

24th February 2009

Magnetic Bobbins are Here!

EnMart is proud to announce that Run Rite magnetic bobbins are now available from our online store.   The price for our bobbins is the same as other major magnetic bobbins on the market, but we offer 144 bobbins per box.  So, for the same price, you get more bobbins and bobbins with better control.  Run Rite bobbins have an entire side that is a magnet offering better control and consistency than other magnetic bobbins.

If you’re looking for an economical magnetic bobbin, Run Rite bobbins should be your bobbin of choice.  Our bobbins maintain a consistent tension from your first stitch to your last, which allows you to use all the thread on your bobbin.  Using the entire bobbin with no waste will certainly save you money.   The Run Rite bobbins also help improve your embroidery’s consistency, saving you time.  As we all know, time is money, so using our bobbins can help your bottom line in several ways.

There are several reasons why Run Rite magnetic bobbins are a good buy and a great choice.  Here are a few of the main ones:

  • 44 more bobbins per gross
  • Uniform tension control and better stitch consistency
  • Fewer bobbin changes
  • Prevention of backlash and overspin

If you have any further questions about our magnetic bobbins, please feel free to contact us.   To purchase a box of Run Rite bobbins,  please visit our store.

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