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Knowing Needles: Needles for New Embroiderers

20th February 2008

Knowing Needles: Needles for New Embroiderers

Jennifer from Sun Embroidery Screen Printing left a question on our post “Knowing Needles:  Matching Needle Type and Fabric Type“.  She asks:

“What needle types/sizes would you recommend for a new embroiderer who doesn’t know if they will be doing any specialty items such as leather?  Is there a good sample pack you can recommend?”

First, thank you for the comment Jennifer.  We always appreciate comments and questions. 

Now, in answer to your second question, we don’t know of any needle sample packs.  EnMart does not sell a needle sample pack, nor do we know of anyone who does.  I also did a search on machine embroidery needle sample packs on Google and came up empty.  So, if there is such a thing as a needle sample pack, it is a very well kept secret.

Unfortunately, the answer to your first question is basically “that depends”.  Our parent company uses number 10 needles on the majority of the projects it creates.  The selection of needle really depends on the type of fabric you need to embroider.   You also need to determine whether you should use a sharp or a ballpoint needle.  Again, this depends largely on the type of fabric that will be used for your project.  Ballpoint needles are generally used with knit or woven fabrics.  The needles are designed to avoid making large holes in these types of fabric.  By contrast, sharp needles are designed for use with more tightly woven fabrics. 

The needle you use also depends on the type of embroidery machine you have.  Most machines are designed to take the same type of needle, but needles come in two types, flat sided and round shank.  Using the wrong type of needle can damage your machine and will certainly jeopardize the success of your project.  As a generalization, most home sewing and embroidery machines use flat shank needles.  Most commercial embroidery machines use round shank needles.  The company that manufactures the machine you own should be able to make recommendations about the type of needles that are suitable for your machine.

Obviously, we would recommend the needles we sell to any machine embroiderer.  These are the same needles our parent company uses, so we know they are good quality needles that sew well.   You might also want to check the following magazine articles for more information.

Knit Wits Sew News July 2002

Choosing Machine Embroidery Threads Threads Magazine

Machine Embroidery: A Marriage of Fabric and Design Threads Magazine

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