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Iris Thread on Impressions Magazine Cover

15th February 2010

Iris Thread on Impressions Magazine Cover

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It’s always fun when a product you sell gets mentioned in or spotlighted on the cover of a national magazine.  It’s even more fun when your product ends up on the cover because an embroiderer likes it so much, he or she chose to use it in their design.   That, marvelously enough, is exactly how Iris Thread ended up on the cover of the February issue of Impressions Magazine.

The first inkling we had of Iris Thread’s moment in the spotlight was a message on Twitter.  It came from our good friend Erich Campbell at Black Duck Inc.

@EnMartian Have you seen this month’s Impressions Mag? That eco-friendly sample on the cover is ours, but it uses your Hilos Iris threads!

Erich had become a good friend and supporter of EnMart since winning the 2009 Stitches Magazine Golden Needle Awards, Design of the Year – Artistic Corporate & Best Multimedia Design – Fashion.  EnMart put up the prize for that category and that was the start of a great relationship.  Erich and Black Duck Inc. design and create terrific embroidery, and EnMart, as was the case in the design on the Impressions Magazine cover, supplies the thread that helps makes those designs a reality.

When asked why he chose Iris Thread for use in the design that was featured on the cover,  Erich had this to say:

When it came time for me to select thread for my entry into the Eco-Friendly category of the Impressions Awards, I really didn’t know whose product really fit the bill. Kristine showed me the merits of the Iris line carried by EnMart, and I was sold. Here was a thread that not only came from a plant that was conscious about its usage of water and energy, but also used environmentally friendly dyes in their preparation.  The logo looked great and though I didn’t win the contest, Black Duck’s product still merited the February cover of Impressions. I couldn’t have done it without Kristine, EnMart, and Iris thread!

Besides working and blogging at Black Duck,  Erich is a member of the Stitches Advisory Board, and writes a terrific blog for the magazine.   He knows his stuff, and we’re proud he chose Iris thread to use in his design.

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