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Introducing ThermoSeal

3rd December 2013

Introducing ThermoSeal

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iStock_000010053914XSmallIt’s the time of year,  for many of us,  when snow starts coming down and winter weather gear comes out.   Anyone who’s spent a day sledding or snowmobiling,  having a snowball fight or simply building a snowman knows that snow can get everywhere.   Much as we’d like to have embroidery on our winter clothing,  it never seemed like a good idea.   Snow is cold and also melts,  and any punctures or holes in your cold weather gear could leave you soaked and shivering.   Until now,  that is.

EnMart is proud to introduce ThermoSeal,  an embroidery backing that allows you to waterproof your embroidery.    Using this backing,  you can embroider on waterproof or water repellent fabrics without compromising their waterproof properties.   ThermoSeal flows into the needle holes,  sealing them and preventing moisture from penetrating.

To use ThermoSeal,  sew out your embroidery as normal.    Once your sew out is completed make sure to remove any excess stabilizer and that you have a clean field around the embroidered design.   Cut a piece of ThermoSeal that is just a 3/4 of an inch to an inch larger than your design on each side.   Place the piece of ThermoSeal on the back side of your embroidery with the adhesive side down.    The adhesive side is the side that would be face up when you’re looking at a roll of ThermoSeal and is slightly glossy.

Once you have your ThermoSeal placed,  the next step is to apply heat to seal the embroidery and make it waterproof.   Using a heat press, set to 265 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit,  press with medium pressure for 10 – 15 seconds.   This will melt the ThermoSeal and allow it to fill the holes created by the embroidery needles.    Once the embroidery is sealed,  it is recommended that you let the garment set for at least 48 hours before attempting to wash it.

ThermoSeal is an ideal product for use with winter weather gear,  wet weather gear and any kind of outdoor gear.    It would be perfect for monogramming rain boots or rain hats,  or for putting logos on gear for companies with employees who work outdoors.    ThermoSeal is available in 3 different sized rolls.

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