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How Do You Interact with EnMart?

28th June 2012

How Do You Interact with EnMart?

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Last Friday,  on the EnMart Facebook page,  our chief I.T. wizard asked a question about how people order from websites.   The question was aimed at determining how many people were placing orders  or might place orders in the future from their mobile phones.  The hope was that the answers would help us decide if the mobile friendliness of  EnMart’s site was an issue and, if it was, or looked as though it would be,  how soon we needed to take steps to make that happen.

At the same time,  over in Marketing,  we were debating whether or not paper catalogs had gone the way of the dinosaur.   I said I rarely heard people refer to our paper catalog.  My customer service staff told me they talked to people all the time who referenced their paper catalogs.  This led to a discussion of whether or not having a pdf version of the catalog that could be downloaded and printed was satisfactory, or were printed versions that we could physically give out a better option.  It also led to a sub discussion of the fact that a paper catalog is always necessarily going to be a bit behind the times and that the website will always have the latest and most up to date information.

Both of these discussion lead back to the question that really needs to be asked, which is how do each of you,  as customers and individuals, interact with EnMart?   Do you visit the website on a regular basis?  Do you read the blogs?  Do you respond to the occasional e-mails we send out?  Do you use your phone to access our online content?   Is our catalog always securely stored somewhere by your desk so you can refer to it when you place an order?   How do you prefer to place orders with EnMart,  learn new things about EnMart and talk to EnMart employees when you have a question or an issue?

Obviously,  we can’t be all things to all people,  but we’d like to try to present information in ways that will be useful and helpful for the maximum number of our customers whenever it’s possible to do that.   Right now,  what we need is feedback from you.   Tell us how you prefer to interact with EnMart,  and what could make your customer experience better.   All suggestions and comments will be considered.

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